Scott Wallace

On April 24th Scott Wallace presented his journeys through the land of an uncontacted tribe in the Brazilian Amazon, and other accounts from his upcoming book The People of the Arrow, which will be published by Harmony Books (Crown).
Scott Wallace has worked as a writer, photographer and television journalist on the frontlines and the “edge of contact” between competing worlds and coexisting cultures. He started his career in the 1980s covering the civil war in El Salvador, the Sandinista Revolution in Nicaragua, and the other “low-intensity conflicts” in Central America. He serves as an editor and senior writer at National Geographic Magazine, and is currently focused on the struggles along the world’s final wilderness frontiers, where indigenous peoples find themselves and their homelands under mounting assault by a globalized economy hungry for resources and markets.
Scott blew everyone's minds, with tales of near death, ongoing encounters between hunter gatherers and 'civilization', and the strange presence of knowing but not seeing.


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