Enormous Microsocopic Evening L.A.

On November 6th the Hammer Museum hosted an Enormous Microscopic Evening, which demonstrated the range of equipment people are using to explore the invisible, from state of the art futuristic equipment to home made one-of-a-kind technologies. The clarity of the images, range of instruments and enthusiasm of both presenters and visitors created an air of extended awe in the glowing room.

Soon we will live in a world with over a billion connected microscopes, and Enormous Microscopic Evening captured a brief glimpse of what cheap and powerful networked devices might start to reveal. There were lots of portable platforms on display and demonstrations of the way that 'social microscopy' is being used  in medicine, mapping and environmental safety. The day before the event Machine Project hosted a Microscopy Hacking workshop, in which Rich Pell taught how to transform a cheap USB camera into a powerful optical microscope and Phil Ross demonstrated how to make the original glass bead Leeuwenhoek device.

Entering the museum one first encountered a performance of miniature pianos scored by John Cage.
Images from the event can be found here and here. 


Big Screen Microscopy with a RED One Camera

Richard Weinberg  USC School of Cinematic Arts

The CellScope: Telemicroscopy for Disease Diagnosis

The Fletcher Lab UC Berkeley’s Fletcher Lab

Cheek Cell Portraits

Caitlin Johnson The Exploratorium

DIY Microscope Bar

Maria Mortati SF Mobile Museum.

D-Rev One-Micron Pocket Field Scope


Joshua Myers The Exploratorium.

How To Look At Insects: Field to Lab Entomology

Lila Higgins Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

Instant Social Microscopy

Richard Pell  Center For PostNatural History

Philip Ross CRITTER

Mobile Field Scope

Denise King The Exploratorium.

Nikon Small World Gallery

Open Source ScanningTunneling Microscope

Sacha d’Angeli Pumping House: One, ChemHacker

The Rosetta Project

Dr. Laura Welcher The Long Now Foundation.

Single Molecule Perception

Stephen Quake the Quake Lab, Stanford University.

Victorian Micro-Art


Micro Sounds

Toy Piano Concerts in the Lobby:
Chris Kallmyer and  Danny Holt

Ambient Life Room:
Phil Ross, Lauren Allen, Zota
Special Dressing


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