SF Mobile Museum

SF Mobile Museum: Looking for Loci by mortati.
From August 28 through August 30 CRITTER hosted The SF Mobile Museum at the Studto for Urban Projects.

This interactive exhibit on the Genius Loci of a place was conceived, produced and curated by Maria Mortati, and is a community sharing project between the citizens of San Francisco and Denver. Go to the SF Mobile Museum site for more information.
In this display were dioramas of meaningful locations made by the citizens of these two cities. Go here for more images of the show.

SF Mobile Museum: Looking for Loci by mortati.

Musical Soldering Workshop

On the afternoon of July 25th CRITTER hosted the glorious Mark Allen of Machine Project fame, who came up from LA to lead a musical soldering workshop. Participants learned the basics of electronic circuit building by creating a primitive synthesizer while the band ing played music to solder by. As people got their synths working they joined ing in playing some simple repeating musical patterns. At the end of the workshop everyone played a simple and out of tune musical piece together.

Much mirth for all. And more photos here.