Eat Bug Eat Redux: Machine Project!!

On Friday, March 12 CRITTER went south for Eat Bug Eat Redux: Machine Project Style!!
So many people came to try our tasty fried (and live) bugs in San Francisco, we just knew our friends at Machine would be up for the challenge. And were they ever. Thousands of insects were consumed in a mere 2 hours.

Delicious Mealworms: these were the favorite of the live-bug eaters.

Two fisted mealworm style!

The personal favorite of CRITTER: wax-moth larvae. They taste like bacon!

This time around, we even featured Oaxacan style chapulines

We had a fabulous group of LA-based volunteers who helped us prepare the insects before they were devoured.

More photos from the LA Times here.


robin d gill said...

If the fried bugs taste like bacon, they should go good with tofu as tofu is great with bacon. And then both, with raw onion and some spices, could go over rice . . .

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