Mother Cultural Exchange

On Saturday, February 20th, CRITTER invited people to come and participate in a Mother Cultural Exchange. Mother cultures are used to make delicious edibles and this event featured living samples of yogurt, cheese, kefir, kombucha, sourdough, champapple, miso and various fungi. Hooray for exo-digestion!!!

Lots of different cultivators brought their micro-critters for showing, sharing and tasting. Everyone who came was encouraged to bring home samples to start growing daughter colonies of their own. More images here.
Special thanks to Mikey Sgamballone, Diane Whitmore, Eli Brown, Eric Smillie and the Merritt College Mycological Society for all of their help and participation.

Guthrie Allen was there playing his hypnotic bass loops through the event, helping to propagate waves of growth into the future.

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