Eat Bug Eat!

On Saturday October 24th CRITTER presented Eat Bug Eat!, an afternoon tasting of edible insect foods. We served wax moth larvae, meal worms, and ‘super’ worms in the form of gourmet tacos. It was so exciting to see people bravely try their first bug, and to watch their faces turn from apprehension to smiles when they realized how delicious they really are.

The bugs were dry fried in a pan, and presented on fresh tortillas with shredded jicamito, Salvadorian cream and some roasted tomatillo salsa verde. A pinch of sea salt and you’d never know you were eating something normally considered disgusting. After a while people started eating them right out of the bowl with salt and lime juice.

Rosanna Yau contributed some very yummy baked mushrooms stuffed with the above mentioned ‘super’ worms. We also had a few different kinds of mead for people to try. Mead is a wine made from honey, and we served it on ice to act as a foil for the fatty spicy crunch of the critters.

Phil Crumar was there singing and playing his guitar, adding to the atmosphere of bubbly excitement in the room. There is a huge hunger for more types of programs like this.

And, of course, there are more photos here.


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san jose kitchen remodel said...

I can stomach this but I heard they're nutritious.

Log Home Accents said...

Ok, they look interesting but I just wish these creatures would stay away from my projects.

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