Enormous Microscopic Evening

On September 12th from 6-9, CRITTER presented An Enormous Microscopic Evening, which might best be described as a large microscope jam session.
Microscopes are devices that skate on the edge of the fantastic, and the Bay Area is home to so many people who use this device for research, work or play.

IMG_8509 by you.

On hand to present their instruments were The Exploratorium’s Living Systems Department, The Carnegie Institute for Science’s Department of Plant Biology, The Fletcher Lab from UC Berkeley, The SF Microscopical Society, the Merritt College Microscopy Program and Thomas Zimmerman.

DSC_9010 by David Merrill.

It was an intense and interesting event, with people focused and talking for many hours at a time.

DSC_8884 by David Merrill.

The scopes demonstrated throughout the evening spanned from home crafted devices made from recycled materials to state of the art immersive displays. More images here, here, and here.

IMG_8342 by you.


robin d gill said...

A poem by a 19c free-style waka poet in Mad In Translation regrets a lifetime spent not knowing of microscopes and "bugs" in water. The word I took for a microscope is a furugorooto-garasu. The last three syllabets are "glass," but would anyone know how to spell the first? I guess it is a dutch or german name either of an inventor or the manufacturer of a microscope.

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