Kimchi Contest! 김치 경연 대회 RESULTS!!

On May 9th CRITTER hosted its first annual Kimchi Contest. Kimchi is a traditional Korean pickled side dish made of vegetables with various seasonings. It is most commonly made with spicy cabbage, but can be made with other vegetables as well.

It was an amazing event with over thirty varieties to try, each one interesting and different. We served rice, barley tea, and seasoned seaweed to go along with everything. John Engels was there, playing jazz saxophone to accompany the tasting.

1st Prize: Connie Choe, of Granny Choe's Kimchi
2nd Prize: Erin Murray
3rd Prize: Myung Soon Wang, of Young's BBQ (17th and Valencia)

Connie Choe, of Granny Choe's Kimchi took first prize.
THANK YOU to everyone who participated!
More pictures from the event are at SF Station, and also here in the CRITTER photo-pile.

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